Art has always been a passion. Having the time to create art has been a luxury.

After painting a version of Manjushri in 2000, I became interested in exploring shadow and light through the use of three dimensional objects within a painting. My aim was to achieve maximum optical impact by employing a technique of hand rolling clay into individual balls which, with the application of colour, creates pictorial space. The effect of differing light sources coupled with the position of the observer in relation to the piece was intended to bring about subtle yet altered effects of definition and perception.

In my current work, I am simplifying and strengthening this concept in order to explore the effect of shadows in an image to bring about movement and change through light and shadows created by 3d clay pieces which are intended to blend into, and not dominate, the painting

I produce mixed media pieces with acrylics, enamel and spray paints on canvas or using clay on wood panels.

My influences are the Pointillist art movement which explored colour relationships and the work of Op Artist, Bridget Riley.

I have been painting since 2000. Commissions taken.

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